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Barrier Cable

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Barrier Cable installed & engineered in accordance with Post-Tensioning Institute guidelines.

Pacific Rigging Loft is Who The Winners Choose to Work With to Insure Their Barrier Cable Projects Turn Out Right.

Tested & Proven Barrier Cable Partners

Taking the realistic approach to help you implement your leading edge parking structure projects.

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Have Your Parking Structure Project Completed, Designed & Engineered Correctly.

The barrier cable approach to parking garage design is a beautiful idea when it is implemented properly.

Pacific has real world experience in this space.

Even if another contractor fudged up your barrier cable design project: we can probably come in and save the day.

They all look good to begin with but once your contractor realizes they are in over their heads: they may want out.

Save yourself the trouble and call us first if possible.

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What Typically Goes Wrong:

Incorrect placement of embeds results in very costly delays.  Other parts of the project may interfere with the cable system.

How Pacific Barrier Cable Resolves These Issues:

By working very closely with cement and steel contractors we insure all aspects of the cable system work seemlessly together.

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Barrier Cable Project Notes

Barrier Cable Considerations

Often architect plans won’t be detailed enough. Get started early on design and engineering. This gives you leeway to spot any conflicts or problems with the original architect’s version of the plans. Architects may not design it in the most cost effective way to…

Barrier Cable Done Wrong

What an architectural nightmare! Pacific Barrier Cable saves you from these unwanted outcomes. In this short piece we discuss some design shortfalls we have encountered from contractors who are making up their own rules as they go along.

UCSD School of Medicine

Project Notes: Approach: Side column mounted. Challenges: We had to work around pipes and other obstacles. Outcome: Job was done on time. Tension manifold with cover bolted on. Intermediate supports. Tension near water pipe obstruction. Completed tension…

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